Onset Publishes Carbon Lighthouse Report

Onset, the manufacturer of HOBO data loggers, recently published a report written by Carbon Lighthouse CEO, Brenden Millstein. The new white paper discusses how the use of inexpensive data loggers and spreadsheet analysis can provide all the evidence needed to make a powerful case for saving money by replacing failed air-handler economizers as well as how to calculate potential energy savings from variable frequency drives (VFDs) on pumps and fans, supply air resets, and boiler lockouts.

Carbon Lighthouse is committed to providing high quality data-driven energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers of all sizes and this white paper shows how HOBO data loggers are an important tool that supports our work. Our company is also proud to advance the field of energy efficiency by providing actionable tools and methods for other energy practitioners through the publishing of this report.

To download a copy, please click here.

3 Responses to Onset Publishes Carbon Lighthouse Report

  1. Interesting read. You hooked me with” the study that found 79 out of 123 economizers in the field had failed” and followed it up with how to calculate the energy savings from installing VFDs before purchasing.

    It’s easy to figure the costs, and it’s assumed that there will be some kind of savings, but knowing how to calculate the savings can really help push through a major purchase.


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