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  • Field Tested

    Field Tested: Products that Help you Understand your Building’s Energy Use

    It can be hard to discern what is actually best for managing energy usage in your particular building, especially because all tools come with real costs and limitations. Products should match the complexity of the building you run and the resources you have.

  • Energy Performance Management

    How Implementing Our Own Solution Lets us Guarantee Savings

    If you have ever worked with an energy efficiency consultant to study your building, you may know how deceptively simple the advice can be. Actually achieving those energy reductions is a messy business.

  • Carbon Neutral

    Navigating Carbon Neutrality

    Carbon neutrality in theory is also not only a great way to improve the world, but also among the most market-efficient way to get there. If practiced universally would thwart the climate-changing gasses like carbon dioxide that pollute our air and oceans.

  • Carbon Neutral

    Achieving Carbon Neutrality: Offsets

    How do we get to Carbon Neutral reliably? There is always a limit at which point it’s no longer cost-effective to reduce your carbon impact, and that is where carbon offsets and allowances come in.

  • Field Tested

    Field Tested: Full Spectrum Lighting

    For decades, “full-spectrum lighting” has been a popular but misunderstood topic. While the marketing of “full-spectrum lighting” has been successful in convincing many buyers than it offers improvements over traditional fluorescent lighting, the reality is it does not. And it’s generally a waste of money, too.

  • Field Tested

    Field Tested: Bloom Box

    A Bloom Box is a hydrogen fuel cell. While the devices are technically sound, there are a few problems to be cautious of, in particular price and environmental impact.

  • Science

    How Occupancy Sensors Work

    Occupancy sensors can be extremely cost-effective tools for reducing energy use and costs. There are two main type of sensors: passive infrared and ultrasonic sensors.

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