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    Carbon Lighthouse engineers use FastCo Award-winning CLUES software

    Fast Company Honors CLUES® Platform in 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards

    Fast Company has selected CLUES® from a pool of over 2,000 entries in the AI + Data category of the…


    Capitalism Will Save The Planet

    The climate conversations of 2017 seemed as extreme as the weather itself. Regardless of where you sit on these issues, one fundamental fact has been largely absent from the conversation: to be viable, climate solutions must be profitable.

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    How Optimizing Fan Power Helped a Pac-12 School Save $100K Annually on Energy

    Our approach, which we call ‘Efficiency Production,’ is a long-term commitment. That means we don’t just drop in, offer advice and move along. We know that energy savings only persist when someone takes ownership for them. If energy savings aren’t measuring up, we cut a check to our clients. No matter how smart your projections, there’s always going to be efficiency drift over time.


    How Energy Efficiency Helps Hotels Win the Hospitality Boxing Match

    Success in today’s hospitality industry is a boundless boxing fight (bear with me on this metaphor) to maximize revenue per available room (RevPAR) and over-index on the STR Report. When I was in the hotel business, I was so focused on improving customer experience to push rates that I never gave much thought to electric bills.

    Our energy efficiency software uncovers hidden CLUES inside commercial buildings

    How Carbon Lighthouse Got Its CLUES

    In their first year in the energy efficiency business, the Carbon Lighthouse clean energy service founders encountered a client who almost stole their thunder.

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