Energy Efficiency ROI: How to Protect Your Investment

Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein

Once you’ve talked to a few energy service companies (ESCOs) you’ve learned that most of them get in and out of your building with a one-time retrofit project — so why doesn’t Carbon Lighthouse do the same?

Because it takes an ongoing energy service to ensure the ongoing savings you expect.

FACT: Industry research shows that, in just 3 years, over 75% of your savings will disappear — which is why so many firms demand a 1-to-3-year payback for efficiency, even though they’d be thrilled to return 12% to shareholders.

Savings degrade quickly, and without a long-term approach to efficiency, Energy Performance Drift will suck the wind out of your ROI.

Even with the best Building Management System (BMS) — and our sophisticated models — your building can’t optimize itself, because a BMS can’t act on real day-to-day issues that come up all the time:

Everyday changes — like simple adjustments made during routine maintenance, tenants moving in and out, or unmet preventative measures — can all lead to performance drift, driving up your energy cost.

Instead, we created a business model unlike any other energy service company, bringing together the best of energy service companies with the best of energy software companies to convert your building’s energy into profit.

We don’t sell equipment, software or dashboards — our contract deliverable is to guarantee persistent energy savings in real dollars. And if your savings are less than expected and we can’t fix it, we write you a check to cover the difference.

This is why ongoing performance management is essential to our service — because neither of us wants to see the dollar value of your savings erode.

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