Energy Efficiency’s Missing Step: Ongoing Energy Performance Management

Energy Efficiency’s Missing Step: Ongoing Energy Performance Management

** FACT: Industry research shows that, in just 3 years, over half of the savings you expected from your energy efficiency investment will likely be lost.

Why? Because even with the best building management system (BMS), your building is not on remote control and can’t optimize itself.

“Energy Performance Drift” causes building owners to lose significant energy savings within just a couple of years — and a lot more over the long run.

Due to real day-to-day issues that come up all the time, savings degrade quickly, and without a long-term approach to efficiency, performance drift will suck the wind out of your ROI.

So how does ongoing Energy Performance Management prevent drift?

Most energy services are incentivized to sell more equipment, more solar panels, more software and dashboards, leaving it to you to wonder if your CapEx will ever see a good ROI. But Carbon Lighthouse is a different kind of energy service — we’ve removed the risk from energy efficiency by guaranteeing the dollar value of your energy savings.

Energy performance management is the only way to ensure a positive payback on your energy efficiency investment — and it’s what makes our service fundamentally different from other ESCOs.

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