Engineer(s) | San Francisco | Energy Modeling Group

Engineer(s) | San Francisco | Energy Modeling Group
Lindsay Jones

Target Start Date: December 2017

Reports To: Director of Engineering | Energy Modeling Group

Location:  San Francisco, CA


Carbon Lighthouse is looking for driven and smart Engineers to join our Energy Modeling Team, the group responsible for developing our clean energy service in buildings.

We’re looking for people to both innovate and expand our technology and energy service, and help us grow our national presence. Engineers will directly influence how we operate, focusing on improvements like: finding ways to minimize field time, expanding our data collection efforts, automating data analysis algorithms, expanding our modeling capabilities, and applying new methodologies to maximize energy savings. The initial career path will be focused on delivering financially attractive environmental savings to clients, with many growth opportunities for specialization as our company expands.

The ideal candidate has professional or graduate school experience in engineering (or technically equivalent) positions, and is excited by complex and open-ended engineering challenges. This person genuinely enjoys working on collaborative teams, and wants to be involved in large scale challenges that require long term persistence. While the role involves significant computational modeling work, this candidate also loves connecting models to the real world.

The role will be based out of San Francisco and requires traveling locally and nationally on a regular basis.

About Carbon Lighthouse:

Carbon Lighthouse is on a mission to stop climate change by making it easy and profitable for building owners to eliminate carbon emissions caused by wasted energy. The company’s unique approach to Efficiency Production goes deep into buildings to uncover and continuously correct hidden inefficiencies that add up to meaningful financial value and carbon elimination that lasts. Since 2010, commercial real estate, educational, hospitality and industrial customers nationwide have chosen Carbon Lighthouse to enhance building comfort, increase net operating income and achieve their sustainability goals.

We are a team that highly value question asking, getting it done, integrity, and teamwork. We appreciate a fulfilling work-life balance, prize transparency and communication, hold ourselves to high standards of performance and professionalism, strive for dynamism and innovation, and support our team members’ professional development.


  • Direct and participate in field-based sensor deployment, functional testing, equipment measurements, and other data collection for modeling needs
  • Communicate with financial and technical clients, and 3rd party vendors
  • Analyze thermodynamic and other energy data to determine the quantitative and governing relationships of complex building systems
  • Use and develop CLUES (our proprietary application) to model HVAC, lighting, solar, and other building systems, and quantify the financial and environmental opportunity. Develop new or better data sets and methodologies where necessary
  • Apply engineering judgment in assessing risks and uncertainties
  • Work with Implementation Managers, software developers, and the Sales team in developing proposals
  • Develop new engineering capabilities that reduce time, save brainspace, improve accuracy, and/or increase energy savings in CLUES or other competencies
  • Work in a cross-functional team environment where asking questions and challenging assumptions is necessary due to complex and multi-disciplinary problems

Required Qualifications:

  • Dedication to Carbon Lighthouse’s environmental mission
  • BS in Engineering (CE, ME, EE, PE, ChE, etc) or similar technical field
  • 3+ years’ work experience or equivalent graduate work
  • Proven track record of executing engineering projects, prototyping hardware/software, developing computational models, or similar work
  • Excellent question asker and communicator, and enjoys working on teams
  • Demonstrable experience solving complex and open-ended engineering challenges:
    • Able to determine an objective, or multi-dimensional objectives
    • Able to determine data, knowledge, or methodology gaps
    • Able to represent reality in computational environment, or pseudo-code
    • Able to create a solution, fail, and iterate
    • Can make judgments of risks and assumptions
    • Make logical conclusions, with an understanding of relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to travel to local and national sites (~5-8 days per month)
  • Ability to work in industrial and mechanical spaces, with exposure to heat, noise, heights, and confined spaces
  • Ability to lift 30 pounds, and carry 20 pounds up a ladder

Bonus Qualifications:

  • HVAC systems and/or Controls software/hardware background
  • Data science background
  • Professional programming experience
  • Deep understanding of HVAC systems and modeling
  • Experience with optimization methods in computational modeling
  • Licensed PE in relevant field
  • Technical sales of any kind

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary + equity
  • Medical & Dental & Vision insurance
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Fully paid maternity and paternity leave benefits
  • Subsidized public transit and bike to work benefit
  • 401(k)

If you’re excited about our environmental mission and this looks like a fit, you should apply! Please fill out the brief application form at and be prepared to submit three references at a later date.

We are an equal opportunity employer and we look forward to hearing from you.


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