How Energy Efficiency Works in 2 Minutes

How Energy Efficiency Works in 2 Minutes
February 2, 2018 Jeff Klein

How Energy Efficiency Works in 2 Minutes

In just two minutes, Carbon Lighthouse co-founder and CEO Brenden Millstein shows you how the Carbon Lighthouse Unified Engineering System (CLUES®) cuts costs and carbon in your building.

Other energy service companies (aka ESCOs) use generic models or rough estimates that can’t capture a building’s unique, ever-changing dynamics — but our proprietary energy optimization technology gives our engineers deep insights into the complexities of building energy use so we can guarantee real results.

Uncovering hidden CLUES by crunching real building data with statistical and financial models, we can predict the results of our energy Efficiency Production measures with incredible accuracy — all while discovering and delivering maximum savings to building owners.


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Carbon Lighthouse is proud to be a recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for 2019.Read more