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How Efficiency Production Converts Energy Into Asset Value

Patented Proptech Helps Building Owners Turn Energy Efficiency Into NOI

What’s Different About Carbon Lighthouse’s Clean Energy Service?

To convert your building’s energy into profit, we bring together the best of energy service companies with the best of energy software companies — and guarantee your energy savings in real dollars.

What If Your Building Is Already Energy-Efficient?

If you’ve already done efficiency work, that’s fantastic. But even with the best BMS, you can’t just set it and forget it. Energy performance will drift, wiping out your savings within just a couple of years — and a lot more over the long run.

Award-Winning Technology + Data-Driven Accuracy

Honored by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award, our patented CLUES® platform gives our engineers deep insights into the complexities of building energy use. Crunching actual data from 700+ assets — not generic models or rough estimates — our energy optimization technology guarantees maximum financial value with incredible accuracy.

Step 1


Using our patented CLUES® machine learning technology and property information, we create accurate building models based on historical performance data from 700+ building assets.


Deploying sensors to capture massive new building data, we uncover hidden inefficiencies and model thousands of possible actions to maximize ROI without disruptions.


To detect and resolve energy performance drift due to dynamic changes in your building, ongoing Energy Performance Management ensures your guaranteed dollar savings keep flowing.

By installing 50-300 sensors in each building, we gather more building-specific data than any other energy service.

To accurately model your building, we use actual data (not rules of thumb) that even the best BMS isn’t designed to track.

We tune your building for maximum energy efficiency, while still giving your facility team full control.

Our ongoing service continuously adapts to changes in your building’s occupancy and systems so we can guarantee your savings over time.

The Carbon Lighthouse Mission

Because stopping climate change will only happen if we can make it easy and profitable, together we are engineering new ways to erase the 20% of global emissions from non-residential buildings.

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