Sacramento YMCA to Profitably Eliminate Carbon Footprint in 2014

SACRAMENTO, (PRNewswire)  The YMCA of Superior California has highlighted its environmental stewardship by signing on to work with Carbon Lighthouse to make its property in Sacramento, CA carbon neutral. The facility will undergo a package of energy efficiency upgrades that will reduce its energy use and utility bills. The remainder of the building’s carbon footprint will then be offset through the retirement of carbon allowances through the Carbon Lighthouse Association.

YMCA will enjoy significant energy savings with no out-of-pocket expense, resulting in immediate savings. With this energy project, the YMCA of Superior California will be setting an example of local leadership in environmental stewardship, while also reducing their overhead expenses.

Carbon Lighthouse, LLC
Carbon Lighthouse, LLC is a San Francisco-based company that makes it simple for buildings to profitably eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of high quality energy efficiency services, onsite renewable energy, and, with its non-profit partner Carbon Lighthouse Association, carbon allowances. The company has worked with over 100 clients in three countries to implement projects.

YMCA Of Superior California
The YMCA of Superior California in Sacramento, CA serves Yolo county, Yuba county, Sutter county, Oroville and the Greater Sacramento area. Their mission is to seek to strengthen the foundations of community by serving youth, teens, families and seniors through programs that improve quality of life, provide a foundation for healthy living, build relationships with others, demonstrate positive values and preserve important services/activities in the community.

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