Jewish Community High School Of The Bay Profitably Eliminates Its Carbon Footprint

SAN FRANCISCO, (PRNewswire)  The Jewish Community High School of the Bay (JCHS) has completed several projects with the energy and environmental firm Carbon Lighthouse to eliminate its building’s entire carbon footprint.

Carbon Lighthouse completed a comprehensive energy study at JCHS, including collecting over 37,000 data points on the building’s operation. They identified multiple energy efficiency improvements requiring no new major capital equipment including installing new controls for the boilers, compressors, economizers and air handlers. Day-lighting sensors and 37 LED down-light replacements were also installed. These measures reduced the energy use of the building’s systems by 25%. A portion of the savings will be donated to Carbon Lighthouse Association, an independent non-profit, to balance the remainder of the school’s carbon footprint through verifiable carbon allowances.

“It is great to see JCHS setting a positive example for both its students and the community,” said Francisco Isenberg, Carbon Lighthouse’s Senior Engineer. “The school is demonstrating its environmental commitment and teaching its students to be conscientious about energy use. Hopefully, this lesson will have a lasting effect on this and future generations.”

“JCHS is proud that our work with Carbon Lighthouse gives us the opportunity to enact a primary Jewish value of stewardship and care for a fragile planet through green practices,” said Rabbi Howard Ruben, Head of School. “Like the JCHS award-winning organic lunch program, community garden, and our student-led environmental service club, this type of work is part of the essential character of our school.”

The Carbon Lighthouse Association awarded JCHS the Carbon Free Plaque at a school assembly on Tuesday, May 29th and also shared its methodologies in a presentation to selected students.

Carbon Lighthouse, LLC is a privately held, San Francisco-based company that makes it simple for buildings to profitably eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of high quality energy efficiency services, onsite renewable energy, and, with their non-profit partner Carbon Lighthouse Association, carbon allowances. The company has worked with over 70 clients to implement energy efficiency projects.

Jewish Community High School of the Bay (JCHS) is private high school in downtown San Francisco. It moved to its permanent home at 1835 Ellis Street in 2002. JCHS takes pride in sending its graduates to top universities across the country with a strong, moral character, and deep commitment to self and community.

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