Madison International Realty Taps Efficiency Reserves to Support Revitalization of Asset

Lindsay Jones
Lindsay Jones

Carbon Lighthouse partnered with Madison International Realty, a leading global real estate private equity firm, as a model for commercial real estate owners to adopt energy efficiency measures. As part of Madison’s revitalization of the Atlantic Terminal Mall, Carbon Lighthouse’s patented CLUES® AI platform accurately calculated Efficiency Reserves, or the wasted energy hidden across HVAC and lighting systems. Through our Efficiency Production methodology, we reduced energy consumption, delivered energy efficiency enhancements and increased value at one of Madison International Realty’s most significant assets.

Carbon Lighthouse’s engineers worked with on-site teams to ensure proper implementation of energy efficiency measures. Our engineers will then continuously monitor the property’s energy use and make adjusted recommendations to on-site teams to maintain energy savings guarantees.

Through this partnership, Atlantic Terminal and neighboring Atlantic Center will eliminate more than 7,600 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to planting a new Central Park every year for the next 10 years. Further, Madison Realty is equipped with measurable, data-backed energy efficiency initiatives to support its ESG strategies and helping to increase NOI adding value to the property at disposition.

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