Navigating CRE’s Economic Recovery For Long-Term Value

Three Ways Optimizing Operations Generates More Capital from your Portfolio

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Controlling Costs in the Wake of Economic Recovery

As the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn have transformed the CRE industry and investment landscape, portfolio managers and financial decision-makers have spent the past year implementing new safety measures — while paying a premium for everything from equipment upgrades to cleaning regimens. Now, as the vaccine offers some reprieve and CRE owners and operators look ahead to recovery, they must continue to balance these new responsibilities — and costs — with instilling confidence in tenants to safely return.

Finding opportunities to control and maintain portfolio-wide value has never been more vital in balancing the top priorities of tenants and the business alike.

This eBook explores three ways to generate more capital from your real estate portfolio to help drive economic recovery now while building long-term business resilience and value. Whether you are looking to rebuild tenancy, buy or sell properties, increase margins or simply cut overhead costs, you’ll discover how data technology can make buildings safer and drive tens of thousands in guaranteed profits, while also:

  • Future-proofing your investments 
  • Controlling and cutting costs
  • Driving tangible asset value across your portfolio
  • Increasing NOI at disposition

You’ll also see how CRE leaders like Ohana Real Estate Investors are using technology to ensure long-term portfolio value.

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