Stevens Development Company Eliminates Buildings’ Carbon Footprint, Achieves Energy Star, Financial Return

SAN FRANCISCO, (PRNewswire) Stevens Development Company, the owner and manager of three Downtown Palo Alto office buildings, has completed a project with the energy and environmental firm Carbon Lighthouse to reduce energy and eliminate the buildings’ entire carbon footprint.

Carbon Lighthouse completed a comprehensive energy study at the buildings, including taking over 230,000 data measurements on the cooling and heating equipment. They identified energy efficiency improvements requiring no major capital equipment, and the opportunity for a solar PV installation. After installation of the measures this month, energy use at the buildings will be reduced by 12%. A portion of the utility bill savings will be donated to Carbon Lighthouse Association, an independent non-profit, to offset the remainder of the buildings’ carbon footprints through verifiable carbon allowances.

All three buildings have also been certified by Energy Star, a government program that recognizes buildings with energy usage far below the national average.

“Stevens Development Company is a true leader in buildings community,” said Carbon Lighthouse President Raphael Rosen. “They have always been conscientious about managing their buildings in a way that benefits their tenants, their community, and the environment. Carbon Lighthouse is proud to make these historic buildings more efficient and completely carbon neutral, all while lowering operating costs.”

“Carbon Lighthouse was extremely helpful in analyzing our buildings to come up with the most cost effective upgrades to improve energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint”, said owner Bob Stevens.  “We expect an excellent return on the more than $120,000 being invested in equipment upgrades and a new photovoltaic system.”

Palo Alto Mayor Yeh will be awarding Bob Stevens the Carbon Free Plaque from the Carbon Lighthouse Association at PAd’s Clean Green Street Scene Earth Day event this Friday, April 20th.

Carbon Lighthouse, LLC.
Carbon Lighthouse is a privately held San Francisco based company that makes it simple and profitable for buildings to eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of high quality energy efficiency services, onsite renewable energy, demand response and, in conjunction with their non-profit partner Carbon Lighthouse Association, carbon allowances. The company has worked with over 70 clients to identify energy saving opportunities and implement energy efficiency retrofit projects.

Stevens Development Company
Stevens Development Company has owned and managed properties in Palo Alto since 1980.