SUBA MFG INC Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

May 2, 2013

BENICIA, Calif., May 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — SUBA MFG INC has demonstrated its environmental leadership by working with Carbon Lighthouse to profitably eliminate the carbon footprint of its manufacturing space in Benicia, CA.

After electing to take part in Benicia‘s Business Resource Incentive Program (BRIP), SUBA enlisted the help of Carbon Lighthouse to conduct a thorough energy and environmental analysis of their operations.  Carbon Lighthouse then implemented a package of lighting retrofits, creating utility savings and emission reductions.  The remainder of the building’s carbon footprint will be offset through the retirement of carbon allowances through the Carbon Lighthouse Association.

“This project was a winner,” said Jack Bell, President of SUBA.  “The City of Benicia with the BRIP concept made it possible to achieve a total relighting of our 25,000 sq ft manufacturing area at no cost to SUBA.  Working with the professionals at Carbon Lighthouse made the project move to completion without a hitch.  All the details were taken care of by them so we just waited to turn on the lights and enjoy the savings.”

The City of Benicia awarded SUBA MFG INC a $9100 grant to cover the costs of the project. “We are excited to be part of a partnership that advocates environmental projects that make financial sense,” said Brenden Millstein, CEO and founder of Carbon Lighthouse.


SUBA MFG INC is located in Benicia, CA, and manufactures laminate counter-tops.

Carbon Lighthouse, LLC

Carbon Lighthouse, LLC is a San Francisco-based company that makes it simple for buildings to profitably eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of high quality energy efficiency services, onsite renewable energy, and, with its non-profit partner Carbon Lighthouse Association, carbon allowances. The company has worked with over 80 clients to implement projects.


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