Dostart Development: 440 Clyde

Delivered 100% carbon neutral

Dostart Development Company develops high quality office buildings in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula.

The office building at 440 Clyde in Mountain View, CA is 35,000 sq ft and went through a major retrofit in 2007.

The Nuts & Bolts: Our Process

Carbon Lighthouse engineers collected and analyzed over 200,000 voltage, current, power factor, light, temperature, humidity, and CO2 data points. 440 Clyde is a pneumatically controlled building without a central building management system. The thermostats and VAV boxes have no method of communicating their status to any outside or central equipment.

Find out how much ROI we can produce.

During a 2007 retrofit, an HVAC efficiency project and a lighting efficiency project were completed. Carbon Lighthouse’s challenge was to find enough additional savings to make the building 100% carbon free. Our engineers discovered two malfunctioning economizers, excessive simultaneous heating and cooling in the VAV system, scheduling opportunities, and an opportunity to lock discharge dampers open on two of the return air fans and install Variable Frequency Drives.

The project resulted in 662,278 lbs of annual C02 savings and $5.05/sq ft of savings.


ClientDostart Development
Project440 Clyde

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Special Feature

Carbon Lighthouse is proud to be a recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for 2019.Read more