Friedman: Traveler’s Building

Delivered 90% of the potential financial benefits with no CapEx

Friedman is a private real estate owner/operator since 1950 with an asset specific rather than property type strategy for long term holds (20+ years).

The Traveler’s Building is an 81,000 sq/ft National Historic Building located in Sacramento, CA. It was originally built in 1914 as a hotel and was converted to office in 1984.

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The Traveler’s Building has a heating and cooling system designed in the early 1900s. Despite its age, the HVAC system is efficient; a central condenser loop driven by multiple pumps operating in parallel supplies 90 heat pumps with cold water in the summer and hot water in the winter. The cooling towers were already equipped with well controlled VFDs. Data servers in the building require that the central HVAC run all of the time.

Carbon Lighthouse engineers analyzed the central controls system and the electrical flow on all 8 floors of the Traveler’s Building and designed a new controls algorithm for the central plant. This new controls strategy achieves 90% of the environmental and economic benefits of connecting the 90 separate heat pumps into the central system, but required no major capital improvements and was a mere fraction of the cost.

  • 773,808 lbs of C02 reductions
  • Annual utility bill savings of $0.18 per sq ft, $11,000/yr for 15 years
  • No upfront investment
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Carbon Lighthouse is proud to be a recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for 2019.Read more