L&B Realty Investors

3-month savings already 132% above projections and expected to grow

L&B Realty Investors
3-month savings already 132% above projections and expected to grow
L&B Realty Advisors achieving sustainability success with Carbon Lighthouse on its Energy Star/LEED-Gold certified tower in the heart of Miami’s bustling business district.
674,000 sq ft
Net Rentable Area
Lifetime Savings
Tons of CO2 Eliminated

L&B Realty Advisors is a real estate investment advisor with $9.0 billion under management and over 50 years of experience in successfully acquiring, managing, and disposing real estate on behalf of its clients. Sustainability and the incorporation of ESG factors are key considerations when evaluating and managing real estate investments on behalf of clients. L&B partnered with Carbon Lighthouse on One Biscayne Tower, a class A office tower in the heart of Miami’s bustling business district, to further enhance its existing energy efficiency measures and to ensure future incremental energy use savings over time through data-based machine learning.

Carbon Lighthouse worked with on-site property engineering and management teams to assess One Biscayne Tower’s existing HVAC and lighting systems. Deployment of hundreds of sensors throughout the property yielded more than 34 million data points, uncovering previously hidden opportunities to further enhance the energy efficiency of the tower including:

  • Providing better visibility and control of existing HVAC equipment (duct pressure, air/water supply temperatures, chiller staging automation) and central plant conditions based on building electrical demand and outdoor air conditions, while optimizing tenant comfort
  • Ability to isolate energy zones during after-hours and unoccupied floors
  • LED lighting retrofit in common areas with controls

Carbon Lighthouse and L&B collaborated to implement the energy savings measures at One Biscayne Tower. The property team used the detailed technical specifications developed by Carbon Lighthouse to implement the lighting measures, leveraging their expertise and material procurement abilities. For the central plant optimization, Carbon Lighthouse hired and managed the existing contractors to implement the light equipment additions, mostly sensors incorporated into the BMS, and the detailed BMS programming. All of the energy conservation measures, whether implemented by the property team or Carbon Lighthouse, result in annual electrical expense savings which are financially guaranteed by Carbon Lighthouse and backed by Munich Re insurance.

“Carbon Lighthouse worked closely with our on-site engineering team to pull detailed technical specs enabling both their team and ours to seamlessly implement savings measures,” said One Biscayne Tower Property Manager, Loretta Diaz.

“For the first three months of our service, Carbon Lighthouse delivered more energy savings than projected at One Biscayne Tower and gives us confidence that we are not only achieving current savings in energy usage and cost but using the most advanced technology on the market that will yield further improvements over time,” said Corinne Hoffman, Asset Management Director with L&B.

As CLUES® (Carbon Lighthouse’s patented software) collects more data, it’s algorithm becomes more accurate and demonstrates zone isolation and central plant measures for One Biscayne Tower generating more energy efficiency and cost savings than projected. Further, despite warmer weather and increased utility costs due to higher demand, L&B used less energy to meet the same cooling demand.

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