Necker Island

Luxury island seeks to become 80% renewable

Necker Island is a private island within the British Virgin Islands owned by Richard Branson.

Carbon Lighthouse collaborated with NRG Energy to make the island 80% renewable. During this partnership, it was critical that the Carbon Lighthouse team upheld and improved a flawless guest experience due to high-end clientele.

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Through a full analysis of how the island uses energy, the Carbon Lighthouse team found many energy efficiency opportunities. This analysis included installing sub-meters and deploying our wireless loggers to measure the energy use of lighting, the waste water treatment plant, and the water desalinization plant.

LED retrofits, solar thermal opportunities for the pools and spa, temperature setback opportunities throughout the island, and energy conservation for the water treatment and desalinization plants would greatly contribute to reducing the size of the solar installation required to make the island 80% renewable.

ProjectNecker Island

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