Vertical Ventures: Eastmont Town Center

$1.75 million from energy efficiency and solar

Vertical Ventures had previously explored installing solar to eliminate common area utility expenses, but didn’t have sufficient rooftop area to support the required array. In order to reduce the required array size, they partnered with Carbon Lighthouse to find a solution through integrated solar and energy efficiency.

Eastmont Town Center is a 541,309 square foot office building located in Oakland, California and owned by Vertical Ventures. Founded in 2004, Vertical Ventures is an established, highly-focused investor, developer, and operator of institutional quality commercial real estate assets.

Carbon Lighthouse’s integrated energy solution transformed the building’s common areas into net-zero energy spaces, as the total amount of energy used by the common areas on an annual basis is less than or equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.

541,309 sq ft

Zero Project Investment

$1.75 MM Lifetime Savings

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Engaging Carbon Lighthouse allowed Vertical Ventures to achieve financial and sustainability goals for their investors, local community, and tenants.

We reduced the cost of energy efficiency and the need for upfront expense while also taking any risk from Vertical Ventures by contractually guaranteeing the energy savings.

Our service provided Vertical Ventures with an IRR of 14.5%, if paid upfront, and $1.75 million dollars in lifetime savings, aligning with Vertical Ventures’ financial goals.

The Nuts & Bolts: Our Process

The Carbon Lighthouse team reduced Eastmont Town Center’s total utility baseload by 55% through energy efficiency measures. These measures resulted in a decrease of the solar array size needed to eliminate the common area utility expenses.

Our engineers designed the integrated solution using our proprietary energy optimization technology, CLUES®. This solution included successfully implementing LED lighting retrofits, advanced controls and solar power generation capabilities.

Through data analysis, our team found that installing LED lights running off advanced controls that integrate daylight and occupancy sensors with digitally scheduled dimming operations greatly increases energy efficiency. This approach reduced the required solar array size by almost 750 photovoltaic panels, or 25,000 square feet.

By eliminating dark areas in the parking garage, the new LED lighting system also improved safety for visitors and tenants to the building, which houses numerous important civic organizations, such as the Oakland Police Department, Oakland Public Library and Oakland Head Start Program.

In alignment with sustainability goals, our team’s partnership with Vertical Ventures will reduce Eastmont Town Center’s carbon dioxide emissions by 150 tons/year, equivalent to over 145,000 lbs. of coal burned annually. The 139 kilowatt solar array transforms the facility into a net energy producer for 4.5 months/year and is the 3rd largest commercial solar array in Oakland.


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