We successfully de-risked clean energy — you’re welcome

We successfully de-risked clean energy — you’re welcome
November 27, 2018 Lily Backer

Clean energy companies are in the risk management business — this is something we at Carbon Lighthouse know well. We talk to building owners every day who are concerned with questions of project finance, payback, policy incentives — and the financial risks of failing to maximize operational efficiencies.

Risk isn’t fun — we get it. That’s why we guarantee the revenue generated by our Efficiency Production process. If we’re off the mark — and we almost never are, thanks to our data-driven process — we cut you a check to make up the difference and take the necessary steps to get things back on track. Don’t want to front the cash for that clean energy project? We’ve got you. Or, rather, our esteemed project finance partner, Generate Capital does.

We assume the risk, and you reap the rewards. But we wanted to go even further.

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Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Hartford Steam Boiler, a global leader in equipment insurance and part of Munich Re, to integrate its Energy Efficiency Insurance into all Carbon Lighthouse service agreements. This provides a secondary level of insurance beyond our existing energy savings guarantee, making it even more enticing for building owners like you to tap the financial value of energy waste.

In other words: we’ve mitigated the risk of mitigating risk. Mic drop.

“Carbon Lighthouse’s Efficiency Production approach brings consistent financial value to building owners,” said Richard B. Jones, HSB senior vice president for engineering and research. “HSB’s Energy Efficiency Insurance adds another level of confidence for building owners who will benefit from clean energy and efficiency projects.”

There’s about $100 billion worth of Efficiency Reserves — carbon-free cash from wasted energy — just sitting in commercial buildings across the United States. What are you waiting for? Go grab some.


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