What’s up with all of these Sensors?

What’s up with all of these Sensors?
March 14, 2019 Francisco Isenberg

Why We Love Data:

By deploying hundreds of sensors throughout your building, we capture millions of site-specific data points — far beyond what any other energy service or BMS can detect.

That data is how we guarantee your savings with incredible accuracy because it’s based on your building’s actual occupancy, usage and weather data, not vague rules of thumb.

And it’s how we turn your building’s valuable Efficiency Reserves into guaranteed revenue that can yield $50M to $100M in new value across a large CRE portfolio.

Sensor Facts:

  • Size of a deck of cards
  • Silent, wireless operation
  • Inconspicuous placement

To accurately model your building in our initial analytics phase, we capture 16 different data streams, from occupancy and temperature to voltage and water and airflow rates — so much data that we can model the cascading effects of every motor speed and valve position in your building.

To put this in perspective, we’re amassing a 1000x larger data trove than other energy services — about the size of the Empire State Building versus an average home.

And unlike other energy services, all this detail allows us to find additional savings that do not require CAPEX or equipment replacement.

Learn more about how we turn energy efficiency
into a tangible asset.

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