Boost NOI. Get More Rent.

We provide ancillary income to owners of commercial real estate by developing and implementing energy projects. Our approach has been proven over 400 times in assets greater than 30,000 square feet, old and new.

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We pay rent directly to owners for access to collect data and deliver energy savings. Rent can be capped at disposition just like a cell antenna lease.

Owners pass through a service contract that cuts utility expenses and tenants save money immediately.

NOI increases without owner capital (upfront payment works, too).

So, what makes us different?

Better financials: our model mimics that of a cell antenna lease. We drive cash back to ownership in any lease structure, either through increases in NOI or directly as rent.


Better engineering: our engineers deploy a network of sensors inside the building to collect data, then use the data in real-time to make physical changes to the building’s existing equipment. Because our team extracts and processes so much information – on average 1,000x more than traditional efficiency companies – we are able to help our clients reach their financial goals in any building, even those that are LEED accredited or Energy Star certified.

Assets Served
Tons of C02 Eliminated
Savings Per Sq Ft

We deliver energy savings by installing a network of sensors and controls that make real-time optimizations to existing equipment in buildings, and by implementing a collection of more typical energy efficiency projects.

Before installing anything, we deploy temporary sensors to track electrical flow through individual circuits, temperatures, light levels, and 15 more variables to create a detailed understanding of how the asset operates. Only then do we determine how to deliver energy savings, quantify them, and propose a project. We only spend time focused on projects that meet a pre-specified financial return.

Our clients love us! Everyone who has completed a project has taken us to additional sites.

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Generate ancillary income, reduce costs for tenants, and create a better performing asset.