Better Building

Using our proprietary platform we collect and utilize 1,000x more in-building data than traditional efficiency firms. This lets us deliver large savings for clients, even in small or already efficient buildings.

Better Planet

We believe the best way to help the planet is by finding solutions that create financial benefits for our clients - our process makes it profitable for buildings to become carbon neutral.

Better Bottom Line

Financial returns are our priority - Clients set their financial goals and we deliver the specified returns. Most clients receive a mid-teen return, and if desired contracts can be structured to save money within the first year.


  • John Brennan, Managing Partner

    Our company is committed to providing tenants with operationally efficient facilities and we are proud to have partnered with Carbon Lighthouse to provide economic benefits to both the tenants and owner. Carbon Lighthouse understood our sustainability goals and utilized their extensive knowledge in the energy field to identify cost effective solutions for us. We are excited to have Carbon Lighthouse review other properties we manage to reduce utility costs and carbon usage.

    John Brennan, Managing Partner
  • Larry Dale, Staff Scientist

    I gave Carbon Lighthouse a complex and ill defined problem. They helped me define the key variables and built a model that we used to work out a creative Solution. Their work was clear, concise, and convincing. I recommend Carbon Lighthouse without reservation.

    Larry Dale, Staff Scientist
  • Bob Stevens, Managing General Partner

    Carbon Lighthouse was extremely helpful in analyzing our buildings to come up with the most cost-effective upgrades to improve energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We expect an excellent return on our investment in equipment upgrades and a new photovoltaic system.

    Bob Stevens, Managing General Partner
  • Levi Toney, Facilities Manager

    I was impressed by both the quality of Carbon Lighthouse’s staff and their strong enthusiasm for sustainability. They provided professional, competitive energy services, and took care of our city-mandated ASHRAE energy audit as well as other energy monitoring tasks.

    Levi Toney, Facilities Manager
  • Danny Montano, Facilities Manager

    It was a pleasure working with Carbon Lighthouse. They were very friendly, easy to work with, sincere, and understanding. Like a family. Now our classrooms have good light and we’re going to save a lot of energy. And I learned a lot, too.

    Danny Montano, Facilities Manager
  • Jeremy Cole, Facilities Manager

    Like so many Facility Managers, I have my hands full with the day-to-day demands of maintaining a facility, so the prospect of taking on a project as large as eradicating our carbon footprint was daunting. Fortunately, Carbon Lighthouse took the bulk of the work onto their shoulders, so that the impact on my time was minimal. What a pleasant surprise it was to find that the process was painless, efficient and remarkably swift. I would happily recommend them to anyone interested in conservation.

    Jeremy Cole, Facilities Manager

Our Clients

  • Squaw
  • Dostart
  • Belmont
  • Benicia
  • Colliers
  • Wilson Meany
  • Ballet
  • KIPP
  • Stanford
  • Tishman Speyer

Our Approach

Carbon Lighthouse has developed a software platform that makes implementing energy efficiency projects 10x more cost-effective than ever before possible. Our highly trained energy engineers use the platform to drive great financial returns for clients, and even more importantly, the platform enables us to work across a client's entire portfolio -- regardless of building size or initial efficiency -- dramatically increasing the total economic opportunity.

By combining our energy efficiency platform with onsite generation and the direct competition with power plants for operating permits, we make it profitable and easy for our clients to become carbon neutral. Great financial returns, and great for the planet.

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