Boost Asset Performance
We develop and implement projects for real estate owners, providing 10%-20% unlevered yields by cutting energy waste and driving savings back to ownership in any lease type.
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How it works

Financial returns are the priority – we work with you to navigate lease structures and financial goals to increase asset value.
  • You give us your desired financial return.
  • We use our cutting-edge software to find and implement turnkey energy projects delivering at least that return.
  • In buildings with modified gross or NNN leases, we pay rent directly to you. Net operating costs are always kept neutral or slightly improved for tenants.
It’s that simple.

Developing the deal

Asset management is complicated – base years, disposition priorities – we get it. We make it fast and easy to increase financial returns.
  • Yields are 10%-20% unlevered on investments of $2 to $5 per square foot. In Modified Gross or NNN assets:
  • Upfront cost is $0.

  • An ongoing service agreement makes the project cash flow positive in the first year for tenants.

  • We pay rent directly to you.

  • Upon disposition, the contracts are easily passed to the new owner or the increased NOI is capped to increase asset value.

How it really works

Carbon Lighthouse developed a software platform our engineers use internally to deliver large savings to clients, regardless of asset size or baseline energy performance.
  • You give us your financial goals ahead of time.
  • Then, using our software platform, we collect and utilize 1,000x more in-building data than traditional approaches and assemble a virtual building energy map.
  • The additional information lets our engineers find and deliver great financial returns, even in already efficient or smaller buildings down to 20,000 square feet.
  • We deliver financial returns from a collection of advanced controls, efficiency, and solar energy measures, only spending time on areas we know will meet your financial criteria.
  • Most critically, we run every aspect of project implementation. The project is done when the savings are real.
  • Assets usually see a 10-30% whole building energy waste reduction.

Keep it real

We’ve worked in 360+ buildings across the United States and have an entire group dedicated to what industry calls Measurement and Verification (M&V). Thus far, every client that has completed a project with us has brought us in to additional sites.
  • M&V is the process of quantifying the benefits of an energy project.
  • Done properly, M&V shines a light on areas of under or over performance, allowing for early and frequent course correction.
  • Every Carbon Lighthouse project comes with one year of M&V to help us honor our commitment and deliver the promised return.
  • On average, we’ve delivered 10% higher returns than predicted.