Unlock budget
for stuck projects.

Get the green light by delivering the ROI your Customers need.

Efficiency Dividends open the door to getting your projects implemented across every building and any lease type (including NNN and modified gross).

Carbon Lighthouse technology bridges the gap between owners and tenants, unlocking HVAC, Controls, and Lighting projects with $20k - $40k in new annual ancillary revenue per 100,000 sq ft.

Efficiency Dividends give building owners a compelling reason to invest in your projects and get them built.

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Fast-track revenue goals
with the right incentive.

Win more projects when you show your customers project proposals complete with savings and ROI. Efficiency Dividends from Carbon Lighthouse works for projects ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000+.

Accelerate customer acquisition.

When you work with Carbon Lighthouse, we equip you with access to our technology and our on-the-ground expertise with facilities and site teams. Get project savings estimates within seconds, get entire portfolio opportunities prioritized in minutes.

Keep your customers coming back

With up to 80% of CRE buildings locked in NNN or equivalent leases, Carbon Lighthouse unlocks immediate opportunity for you and your Customers. Offering new top-line income through verified energy savings to previously inaccessible buildings gives your business a clear edge.

The Carbon Lighthouse
Efficiency Dividends advantage

Work gets done when you start with the right projects. For CRE firms, funds and REITs that value Earnings, Success and Growth, Carbon Lighthouse technology delivers fast profitability to your Customers. Our software and services make it easy to prioritize, deliver and monetize the right energy projects for every building in your Customers' CRE portfolio.

$6M+ Efficiency Dividends
Paid to Building Owners

New cash flow delivered to building owners

$2.8M+ Energy Savings
enjoyed by building tenants

Modernized buildings for happier tenants.

100% Repeat Utilization by Carbon Lighthouse Customers

Efficiency Dividends creates repeat customers.

$275M+ Total Building
Value Increase

New cash flow equals new building value.

Efficiency Dividends
unlocks your projects

Unlock NNN and Modified Gross buildings and generate new cash flow for building owners and savings for tenants with Carbon Lighthouse Efficiency Dividends.

Projects get budgeted with ROI 
and unlocked by Efficiency Dividends

Deliver outstanding returns with fast payback and high ROI. EDi solves the split incentive, allowing building owners to generate high returns while creating energy savings for tenants (and new projects for you).

Projects get budgeted

Project returns drive building owner action

More buildings

Project returns drive building owner action

High yield for building owners

Above market returns and

Good for tenants

Tenants benefit from lower energy bills

With Efficiency Dividends

Unblocked projects + EFFICIENCY DIVIDENDS

$30k/ yr
Tenant Energy Servings

$70k/ yr
Building Owner Income


$100k/ yr
Total Energy Savings

Building owners have a path forward to implement your projects. Projects get unblocked and implemented. Carbon Lighthouse delivers EDi to building owners and tenants benefit from modernized buildings and lower energy bills.

Project Payback:
4.3 years
Building Owner project costs:
-$300k (once)
CL's fee
$0.07/sq. ft.

Without Efficiency Dividends

blocked projects WITHOUT EDI

Building Owner Income

Building Owner Income

potential savings LOST

$100k/ yr
Potential Energy Savings

The harsh reality of NNN leases with base years or base stops is the split incentive. Building owners shoulder 100% of project costs while tenants get all the energy savings. Split incentives block major building improvement initiatives, even ones with above-market returns.

Building owners can’t take on projects that offer zero ROI. The result? Your projects don't get budgeted, causing a major setback for every party involved.

How it works


90 Second Analysis

SMARTcapital helps contractors better target prospective buildings. Get accurate results in seconds. Contact us to get free access.


Get Efficiency Dividends Offer

Our software and engineers analyze your customers’ building information and generates a firm offer for Efficiency Dividends Income for your customers.


Implement building improvements

As each energy project is completed, Carbon Lighthouse issues your customers EDi checks based on measured energy savings. You get paid the same as always, except now you can win more projects in more buildings.


We handle the financials so you can stay focused

From T&Cs, to access agreements to EDi check issuance, Carbon Lighthouse handles logistics so you can stay focused on your customer.

SMARTcapital screensshotDetailed SMARTincome project list

The smarter way for your customers to invest in the energy projects they want.

Unlock NNN buildings and generate new cash flow for landlords and savings for tenants with
Carbon Lighthouse Efficiency Dividends (EDi).

Energy projects
your customers want.

Deliver outstanding returns with fast payback and high ROI. Energy Savings Income solves the split incentive, allowing landlords to make a return and unlocking savings for tenants (and projects for contractors).

  • It’s not that anyone wants to waste tenants money with outdated and inefficient equipment. It’s a matter of complex lease structures that span the entire CRE market.
  • When building owners lack the financial incentive to implement building improvements, the simple truth is nothing gets done and tenants are left with increased costs.
  • EDi solves the split-incentive by generating cash flows from measured and calculated energy savings. With cash flows and actual ROIs, energy projects go from not possible to how soon can you start.

25% lower energy costs for tenants

Reduce energy costs for tenants and generate new cash flows for building owners.

Building Owners get income & ROI

Reduce energy costs for tenants and generate new cash flows for building owners.

Simple distributions

Reduce energy costs for tenants and generate new cash flows for building owners.


Reduce energy costs for tenants and generate new cash flows for building owners.

Fault Protected ESI

With Fault Protected Rent, your customer can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their energy savings are safeguarded against any deviations resulting from equipment faults. Utilizing state-of-the-art nuisance free fault detection technology, your clients will benefit from an added layer of energy savings protection that operates seamlessly.


Focus on the faults that matter with nuisance free and dollar prioritized alerts.

Scale when
you need it

Monitor equipment and visualize data for projects as they come online.

Risk reduction

Fault detection notifies you when equipment controls are off track.

Software that
gets work done

Measure impact and take action with project management software that’s designed around delivering energy savings through ESI.

Delivers new ancillary revenue that unlocks customer budgets.

Book a demo
Average Trailing Results from 1,400+ buildings over 10+ years. Per 100k sq ft.
Building Improvement Project
Total Savings Generated
Efficiency Dividends
distributed to Owners by CL
Energy Savings Realized
by Tenants


Other agencies

BMS retrofits and installs

Other agencies

LED Lighting Retrofits

Other agencies

Air Handler Replacements

Other agencies

Boiler Replacements

Other agencies

Cooling Towers

Other agencies

Deliver results,
Deliver new income.

Case 1: Pilot Rollout
Client type: Small REIT
Project size
4 Buildings

Client goals
Increase cash flow across NNN buildings and increase energy efficiency.

Results:  Carbon Lighthouse software predicted an energy savings range of $130k to $400k before site visits. Year 1 trailing results after project implementation showed NOI increased by $255k.

Asset Class
Est. Savings/ yr
Actual Savings/ yr
Office 1
Office 2
$30k - $95k
$45k - $135k
Retail / Mixed Use
$25k - $65k
$35k - $100k
Case 2: Portfolio Rollout
Client type: Large, publicly traded REIT
Project size
36 Buildings

Client goals
Use fast payback projects blended with CapEx projects for rapid cash returns and exceed internal ESG goals through energy efficiency.

Results:  After implementing recommendations, our client increased annual cash flow by $740,000, higher than predicted.

$730,000/ yr
Efficiency Dividends
$740,000/ yr

Trusted by industry leaders

Carbon Lighthouse predicted solid return on cost and environmental goals, so I did extensive due diligence on the technology and company, and I’m excited to say they performed well and returns exceeded what was promised. After capitalizing the perpeturl savings, we achieved a 3x return on equity. Where else can we get that in the current market? We’ve used them everywhere we can.

Eric Smith

EVP of Business Development

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Unlock new revenue
with Carbon Lighthouse Efficiency Dividends

You can select all that applies

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