We rent your mechanical space. Tenants get lower operating expenses.

Your counterpunch to rising costs

How it works


Select buildings

20,000 - 150,000 square foot MOBs, ambulatory surgical centers, and other multi-tenant outpatient facilities provide the highest returns.

Carbon Lighthouse will work with you to pre-qualify your portfolio and select the best assets for a pilot.


Approve and invest in TIs

Our team works with your operators to scope the TIs. Each TI has a bid from a contractor and an offer of Rent from Carbon Lighthouse. The average investment per building is $50,000 with a return on cost of 40%.

Typical TIs involve installing or upgrading the building control system. Your building team engages their preferred contractors to complete the TIs and is supported every step of the way by a dedicated engineer and our project management platform.


Reduce costs for tenants, get a new source of rent

After the TIs are complete and generating savings, Carbon Lighthouse begins charging the building for the monitoring service. Like a solar PPA, this charge is a portion of the savings ensuring a net reduction in occupancy costs for tenants.

Carbon Lighthouse then begins paying rent for access to the mechanical rooms.


Returns with certainty

Rent from Carbon Lighthouse provides an above market return on the landlord’s investment. The monitoring service ensures tenants receive reductions in their total occupancy costs.

Building teams receive an email whenever a material problem comes up, on average 9 times per year, along with the exact equipment affected and actionable next steps.

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18x average increase in investments

With underwriteable results and easy-to-see results, the average customer has increased their investments per building by 18x after beginning to receive rent from Carbon Lighthouse. This has led to significant cost savings for tenants while increasing same-store NOI at above market returns for landlords.