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Big claims are easy. Action is hard. Here’s what we do differently.

We don't replace humans with technology. We combine data, specialized technology, and in-person relationships with follow-through to ensure you get the results you want.


Accurately identify the savings potential for any building in your portfolio in minutes.


No need to change anything to work with us. Our software and processes make fast and profitable energy action repeatable.


Deploy our product at any asset class, any tenant lease structure.

Building first, tenant first.

Implement projects your site teams are bought into, and improve conditions for your tenants.

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By focusing on high returns projects, we help CRE building owners and REITS get fast new cash flow from energy reduction work.

ROI from Efficiency Dividends

Distribute energy savings to tenants and efficiency dividends paid as rent checks to building owners.

Prioritize, Act, Monetize.
We’ll show you how.

For CRE firms, funds and REITs that value Earnings, Success and Growth, we bring you fast profitability. Work gets done when you start with the right projects. Our software and services make it easy to prioritize, deliver and monetize the right energy projects for
every building in your portfolio.

Our software shows you where the money is.

Our software identifies in minutes every major energy opportunity for any building with any lease type across your portfolio.

Leverage billions of data points analyzed from buildings we’ve worked in over the past 10 years to achieve a level of accuracy that traditionally has taken weeks or months to accomplish.

We help you prioritize the right projects to execute, beginning with triple-digit returns and sub 1-year payback. And it's all, free to use.

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Our on-site presence enables quick and easy action in your buildings.

Carbon Lighthouse engineers travel to your buildings and work in tandem with your site teams and facilities engineers to ensure alignment and buy-in before work begins.

Our engineers connect your equipment to our SMARTincome software. Often we’ll uncover energy savings opportunities on Day 1 and work with your teams to achieve immediate resolution.

By week 3, we’ll surface every major opportunity available, complete with financial return and RFP language when necessary, making it easy to take action.

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Prove you're making a good investment.

Our software continuously analyzes the data coming out of your building, flagging whenever equipment runs off course, while ignoring the nuisance problems.

We make sure you get the financial return you expect, whether your funds’ hold periods are 1 year or 100 years.

Eliminate NNN split-incentives and generate cash savings with Carbon Lighthouse Efficiency Dividends.

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San Francisco, CA
Square footage: 434,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $21,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $13,000
Base NOI Prediction: $32,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $54,000
Los Angeles, CA
Square footage: 330,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $36,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $28,000
Base NOI Prediction: $69,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $113,000
‍Square footage: 1,000,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $71,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $34,000
Base NOI Prediction: $71,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $112,000
Dallax, TX
Square footage: 404,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $96,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $65,000
Base NOI Prediction: $83,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $103,000
Chicago, IL
Square footage: 406,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $16,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $22,000
Base NOI Prediction: $54,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $88,000
Rochester, NY
Square footage: 390,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $63,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $90,000
Base NOI Prediction: $123,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $160,000
Boston, MA
Square footage: 300,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $73,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $40,000
Base NOI Prediction: $66,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $93,000
Atlanta, GA
Square footage: 404,600
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $50,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $34,000
Base NOI Prediction: $54,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $76,000
Miami, FL
‍Square footage: 276,000
New Efficiency Dividend Income Generated: $93,000
Conservative NOI Prediction: $64,000
Base NOI Prediction: $81,000
Aggressive NOI Prediction: $100,000
1,400 + buildings improved

We've seen just about everything possible when it comes to profitable energy efficiency.

900+ Projects
in 12 months

In the last 12 months, building owners have implemented over 900 energy efficiency projects across their portfolio.

$6,000,000+ Efficiency Dividends

Over $6,000,000 in efficiency dividends have been distributed across previously inaccessible NNN sites.

34 power plants eliminated

We've eliminated the carbon equivalent of 34 natural gas peaker plants - 22 of these in the last year alone.

2,000,000,000 +
data points

Data powers our software, our processes and the insights that benefit your bottom-line.

Get results right off the bat!
By week 3, we'll surface every major opportunity available

Instant insights

Aligned Goals

New Cash Flow

Prioritize | 5 minutes

Uncover energy profit potential. Prioritize and filter out buildings with minimal upside

Tools used:

Act | 3 weeks

Engineers align with your site teams and contractors. Full building walkthrough Sensors and data stream setup

Tools used:

Monetize | < 90 days

Eliminate NNN split-incentives and generate new cash flow from implemented projects. Equipment-level data ensures stronger financials, better buildings and happier tenants.

Tools used:

A complete solution for all your portfolio's use cases

We've worked across nearly every asset class within CRE. Medical Office Buildings, Hospitality and Office generally show the best results. Schedule a free consultation and we'll guide you through which buildings can offer strong returns, as well as those that are best suited for your special strategic goals.

Schedule free portfolio consultation
Baylor Medical Sammons

Medical Office Buildings

SMARTincome w/ Efficiency Dividends is the fastest way to increase NOI for buildings already fully occupied with long term tenant leases. Medical Office Buildings can offer the highest payback and yield of any asset class in the market today. With most buildings locked in NNN leases, Efficiency Dividends are critical to unlocking energy efficiency projects for your buildings and adding new NOI to your top line.

Hospitality image placeholder

Hospitality and Full Service Hotels

With increased travel forecasted for 2023 and 2024, even modern hotel buildings can benefit from HVAC optimization and related energy efficiency measures. We've worked extensively with contractors and third parties to get projects implemented and can guide them with custom RFP language as needed.

Biscayne Miami office building

Office, Life Sciences, Data Centers & Industrial

Every building presents unique challenges based on varied tenant occupancy and specific HVAC requirements. Our technology and software is well suited to navigate the complexities of modern and outdated BMS systems alike. Custom fault detection software ensure that your buildings retain the energy savings gained and ensure your equipment continues to run as optimally and efficiently as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it

This is what our customers have to say about the power of technology.

L&B Realty Advisors is a well-established real estate investment and management company that provides clients with value-add and opportunistic real estate investment opportunities.

With a diverse portfolio of medical and life sciences, office, retail, industrial, and multifamily properties across the United States, L&B Realty Advisors seeks innovative solutions to maximize returns and optimize their assets.

The opportunity

L&B Realty advisors used our software to identify the best building improvement opportunities in their buildings and our professional services to accelerate implementation of building improvements.

The result

After implementing the recommended projects, L&B Realty Advisors achieved a 3x return on equity. Actual savings measured exceeded initial savings estimates from our software.

Tools used
L&B Realty Logo image

We achieved a 3x return on equity. Where else can we get that in the current market?

Carbon Lighthouse predicted solid return on cost and environmental goals, so I did extensive due diligence on the technology and company, and I’m excited to say they performed well and returns exceeded what was promised. After capitalizing the perpeturl savings, we achieved a 3x return on equity. Where else can we get that in the current market? We’ve used them everywhere we can.

Eric Smith - EVP of Business Development

Data Driven Fast Profitability.

On average, our clients see $20,000 to $200,000 in new annual NOI based on building type, size, and location.

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