Get new rent. Reduce costs for your tenants.

We rent space in your mechanical rooms and use it to reduce operating expenses for tenants.

Proven across 1,800 buildings and trusted by 50+ CRE Firms controlling $1.5+ trillion in AUM.

Rent your mechanical space

The landlord funds a low-cost TI to upgrade the building control system. This reduces total occupancy costs for tenants.

Carbon Lighthouse becomes a rent-paying entity in the building, paying $20k - $60k per year in rent for a 10-year lease.

Carbon Lighthouse uses the mechanical space to provide a monitoring service that further reduces costs for tenants.

Lower costs for tenants

Modernized systems deliver utility and R&M savings for tenants as well as more comfortable spaces. Tenants pay nothing and enjoy a reduction in total occupancy costs.

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40%+ return on cost

The rent from Carbon Lighthouse’s 10-year leases generate above-market returns for the landlord, while reducing total occupancy costs for tenants.

Learn how the platform works

Used by leading commercial real estate investors

Carbon Lighthouse is a triple play

"We're on our fourth tranche, and in every tranche we have met or exceeded our IRR expectations. Carbon Lighthouse will give you financial performance, they'll help you with your ESG goals, and they're going to improve your tenant satisfaction."

Peter Burgarelli, President, CEO

We achieved a 3x return on equity

“Carbon Lighthouse predicted solid return on cost and environmental goals, so I did extensive due diligence on the technology and company. After capitalizing the perpetual savings, we achieved a 3x return on equity. Where else can we get that in the current market? We’ve used them everywhere we can."

Eric Smith, EVP of Business Development

You’ve located the needle in the haystack for us.

“This is really impressive. Other platforms that we use provide us with an alert 
that we’re outside of normal usage but...our engineers don’t even know where to begin to look. You drive our engineers to the exact spot that is causing the additional energy consumption.”

Joe Reesman, Director, Capital Asset Management

$30M lease across a 100 building portfolio

Our 10 year leases add up quickly when deployed across your portfolio.

Reduce total occupancy costs for tenants while increasing same-store NOI

Firms that have partnered with Carbon Lighthouse have unlocked 18x more investment in building modernizations.


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Average total lease per building


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