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Welcome to the Age
of Efficiency Production.

It’s time for a different kind of energy service that taps your building’s wasted energy — its Efficiency Reserves — to produce guaranteed revenue, with zero upfront costs or capital expense required.

We’re not consultants. We don’t sell equipment, software or dashboards.

We engineer a sophisticated mix of proprietary software and strategies to unlock the hidden returns in your existing equipment — and turn energy efficiency into a tangible asset.

Create Value

Everyone says they’ll save you money, but we’ll quantify your returns and deliver greater building value with no upfront costs.

Earn Revenue

Implementing solutions with the biggest financial gains, we continuously monitor and act to ensure ongoing, guaranteed revenue.

Erase Emissions

We’ve created a clear path to net-zero emissions through quantifiable reductions in carbon emissions and allowances.

See how we’re creating lasting value for our clients:

Defying Expectations for Tesla Motors

Enabling the First Carbon Neutral Ski Event

Helping Hilton find $950k lifetime savings

Delivering 265% ROI for Kilroy Realty

A Duo of Services to Optimize Any Building.

Our proprietary technology enables our engineers to continuously deliver hidden returns, cut costs and create a new source of revenue for building owners through two service types:

Central Systems

For buildings with central HVAC systems, we use advanced optimization strategies to cut energy use by 20% – 30% and deliver 40% – 60% ROI

Energy Efficiency + Solar

For buildings with available roof space, we combine energy efficiency strategies with solar installations to potentially eliminate utility bills and deliver 30% – 50% ROI

The Carbon Lighthouse Mission

Because stopping climate change will only happen if we can make it easy and profitable, together we are engineering new ways to erase the 20% of global emissions from non-residential buildings.

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