Lower your lease expense, at no cost to you.

We incentivize building owners to invest in upgrades that save you money.

It's time to control rising costs

Lower occupancy costs

We work with building owners to modernize their HVAC systems, delivering utility and maintenance savings, as well as more comfortable spaces.

Tenants pay nothing and enjoy a reduction in their total CAM charges.

An incentive for building owners

Building owners pay for the upgrades out-of-pocket, without amortizing the costs to tenants.

Carbon Lighthouse rents space in the mechanical rooms, providing a return to the landlord. We use the space to provide monitoring, further reducing tenant costs.

Tenants get cost-free savings, and landlords invest in far more projects that benefit tenants.

Savings that stay in place

Our monitoring service ensures reductions in total occupancy costs materialize year-over-year.

Whenever a problem is detected, the property team is alerted and given actionable steps to get back on track.

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18x more investments in the building

With an incentive to invest and clear results, the average building owner working with Carbon Lighthouse has increased their investments per building by 18x, leading to cost-free savings for their tenants.

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