Case studies

Hospitality: Hilton Elara

During the repositioning, the Elara team began the process of converting the hotel to residences. They engaged Carbon Lighthouse to save operational expenses as an incentive for potential buyers.

Carbon Lighthouse identified the opportunity to realize an IRR of 16.1% with lifetime savings of $950,000, using an upfront payment strategy. At a lifetime cost of $470,000, the reduction in operational expenses aligned with the Elara’s goal of attracting buyers of the residences.

Additionally, the energy efficiency opportunities saved 750 tons of carbon emissions per year.

Technical Details

The Carbon Lighthouse team extensively monitored the Elara’s central plant and pumping stations using both the Building Management System and our wireless monitoring solution as sources of data. Our data analysis identified significant opportunities for improvements in energy efficiency.

The replacement of water sourced heat pumps with fan coil units due to the savings shown by logger data. Modifications to the differential pressure set points and valve positions in the system. Optimization of fan control and economization in Air Handler Units.

A full lighting analysis led to LED upgrades in the garages and stairwells. Vending machine motion sensors were employed as not only an energy efficiency measure but as a visible symbol of the building’s commitment to sustainability as well.

With specific aim to improve guest experience, the Carbon Lighthouse team analyzed the existing but under-utilized room automation system while also improving energy efficiency. This resulted in prepping rooms to a comfortable temperature as guests were checking in, turning off equipment when rooms were unoccupied, and enabling the TV to turn on when guests entered the residence.

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