Hiring great teammates is the single most important thing Carbon Lighthouse does. Period.

The people on our team enable our company to deliver energy savings that are 10x more cost-effective than traditional energy service companies. In our first six years, we’ve tapped opportunities in 500+ buildings, eliminated the emissions of 6 power plants, and in 2017 alone, contracted to eliminate 9 more —  to grow revenue and impact faster than Moore’s Law.

Without our incredible teammates, Carbon Lighthouse would have no chance of stopping climate change. Thanks to current and future teammates and the work of other fantastic organizations, we are on a path to creating a more profitable, cleaner planet. Our core values are:


We can accomplish more together, so as a team, we listen actively and seek to learn from one another.

Question Asking

Are things the way they are because they need to be, or because no one else has found a way to improve them?


We are honest, consistent and forthright with our clients, our teammates and ourselves.

Getting it done

We are on a mission, and there’s no time to waste, so let’s move quickly based on real-world data.

We take hiring extremely seriously.

Current Job Openings:

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