The Swig Company turned to Carbon Lighthouse to strategically analyze operations across its portfolio enabling action against its energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

“As we continually evolve our management approach and deploy sustainability initiatives across our portfolio, we find creative collaborations and partnerships that maximize our impact in reducing energy use and GHG emissions.” – Jay Scholten, VP of Innovation and Asset Management

“This vision requires a vigilant focus on energy efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of our properties. Therefore, we partner with companies such as Carbon Lighthouse to strategically analyze operations across our portfolio. Carbon Lighthouse’s proprietary energy optimization technology deploys dozens of sensors throughout our buildings to collect data on airflow, water, lighting, and cooling usage. This detail is used to model energy scenarios and also helps us calculate Scopes 1 and 2 emissions derived from natural gas and electricity usage associated with operating our buildings, tenant consumption, and transportation to and from the properties.” – The Swig Company 2020 Sustainability Report

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