Carbon Lighthouse and Generate Capital Close $65M Fund to Finance More Building Efficiency Projects

Lindsay Jones
Lindsay Jones

Over the past eight years, we’ve been using our unique Efficiency Production process to turn energy efficiency into guaranteed revenue for building owners across the United States — and erase the 40% of carbon emissions that come from the built environment.

“Carbon Lighthouse has cracked one of the most challenging but crucial markets for cutting carbon emissions from the built environment: Commercial real estate,” says Generate Capital president and co-founder Jigar Shah, who previously founded SunEdison.

Working in more than 500 buildings from Manhattan to Honolulu [August 2019 update: 650 buildings],  we’ve already eliminated the emissions equivalent of six power plants, with nine more currently under contract.

We aim to cut the equivalent of 50 power plants by 2020, with 50 more in the queue every year after that — but with 50,000 power plants left to go, we’ve got a lot of work ahead.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our third and largest project financing to date, with a $65 million fund with Generate Capital, the San Francisco finance company for clean energy infrastructure.


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Now we can help more building owners and investors across the country eliminate energy waste from existing assets to generate new, ongoing and guaranteed financial value.

“This fund enables us to continue providing services to clients with zero out-of-pocket costs, reducing risk even further for our clients,” says Brenden Millstein, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Lighthouse. “And it allows us to expand our services at an even quicker pace and broader scale while achieving more and more impact as we move full speed ahead into 2019.”

Scaling up to meet the exponential demand for building efficiency.

With the global market for energy-efficient building technologies expected to grow to over $360 billion by 2026*, our energy optimization technology is set to help commercial real estate owners and operators — REITs, hotels, schools, small businesses, and more — turn energy savings into guaranteed revenues that can be leveraged during financial transactions.

Efficiency Production is our unique, data-obsessed clean energy and efficiency approach that can save building owners $0.40 to $0.60 per square foot, boosting net profit by $5 to $10 per square foot when a building is sold; so a 10 million square foot portfolio can gain $50 million to $100 million in new, bankable profit.

“Carbon Lighthouse has proven that energy efficiency savings can be turned into lease revenue that is widely recognized as good REIT income, which has been the largest hurdle to attracting the attention of property owners, hotels, and other building owners,” Shah continued. “We’re excited to help them scale this unique approach to cutting carbon in a lucrative way.”

2018 strategic growth round grows to $34.5 million.

CEAS Investments, run by Mike Wohl, who invests on behalf of a large single-family office in South Florida, has made a $7.5 million follow-on equity investment to our $27 million strategic growth round closed earlier this year, bringing total investment to $34.5 million.

With our newly raised project finance fund, additional equity investment and history of profitability, we’re poised to enter 2019 in a strong financial position — and continue to scale Efficiency Production to make it easy and profitable for more building owners to reduce energy waste.

“Generate Capital is laser-focused on finding the innovators who are solving the critical problems of our time,” said Shah, “And our job is to help these entrepreneurs and executives scale their businesses for both significant impact and profits.”


*Read the Navigant Research report


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