COVID-19 Exposes Why We Need Remote Building Management

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Listen to the Modern Energy Management podcast on Spotify.March 31, 2020 — 46 minutes

Carbon Lighthouse's Matt Ganser joins the show to share the challenges of Remote Building Management for facility managers amid COVID-19 reopening.

The Modern Energy Management Podcast hosts Amber Artrip and Nate Nilles interview leaders in the energy management industry on how they “harness the power of building data” to accomplish operational and environmental excellence.In this episode, Carbon Lighthouse EVP of Engineering & Technology Matt Ganser discusses:

  • his transition into clean energy from working with Big Oil,
  • adjusting and optimizing operations in now-empty buildings,
  • and how now is an opportunity to evaluate new CRE technologies and strategies including remote building management

Many building management teams aren't equipped to manage the shift that COVID-19 has brought to commercial real estate (CRE), where entire office buildings have been emptied with mandated work from home policies in effect.The reality is that controls are not remotely accessible or adaptive to the number of people in the space.

In the face of everything from antiquated building equipment to technologies lacking remote access, how can onsite teams ensure buildings are optimized and energy-efficient when there aren’t people in the office?

When everyone is working from home — and with the trend that more people will work from home in general — there is a huge opportunity to reduce the carbon impact of your building and save money leveraging new CRE technologies.Listen now:

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