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Core Plus, Medical Office Building

The Building

A 78,000 sq.ft. medical office building in New Jersey. The building was a 1990s construction with 6 roof top HVAC units and a boiler providing heating and cooling, all upgraded in 2012.

The TIs

Carbon Lighthouse worked with the building team and existing contractors to install a new HVAC supervisor (brain of the equipment), for a total cost of $52k.

This upgrade enabled better control over the HVAC equipment, reducing simultaneous heating & cooling, and brought more fresh air into the building.

A LED lighting retrofit was also identified and added to next year’s budget.

Tenant Savings

After netting out the cost of the monitoring service, total occupancy costs were reduced by $51,400 per year for the tenants.


After netting out Carbon Lighthouse’s provider fee, $22,400/yr is paid to the building owner as rent through the mechanical room lease.

The Result

In total, the building’s owner invested $52,000 to generate $22,400/yr in rental income, yielding a 43% return.Tenants paid nothing and received a net reduction in their expense pool of $51,400, as well as a more comfortable & efficient building.