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Core, Medical Office Building

The Building

A 181,000 square foot building in New Jersey. Modern construction with new equipment. 7 large RTUs and a new building management system provide cooling for the building.

The TIs

The building management system suggested the equipment was running fine. The site team, however, struggled with competing tenant demands and data sourced by Carbon Lighthouse showed some of the systems were running 24/7 despite what the front end of the BMS showed (this is common and we see it in 91% of buildings).

The building's existing controls contractor was brought in for a cost of $65k to improve the building management system, reducing simultaneous heating and cooling and making the equipment more reliable. This reduced utility costs by $120k/yr, R&M costs by another $20k/yr, and equipment amortization costs by $15k/yr.

Tenant Savings

After netting out Carbon Lighthouse's monitoring fee, total occupancy costs were reduced by $94,600 per year.


After netting out Carbon Lighthouse's provider fee, $49,630/yr is paid to the building owner as rent through the mechanical room lease.

The Result