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Core Plus, Remote Medical Office Building Connected to Hospital

The Building

76,000 square foot Medical Office Building connected to a hospital in a relatively isolated area of Idaho. No local service technicians nor on-site facility engineer.

Two large air handlers operated by an obsolete control system, only accessible on the premises. Making matters more challenging, the air handler control system was not integrated with the building management system that monitored and maintained comfort in tenant suites.

The TIs

A controls contractor was brought in to upgrade the control system and unify the air handler controls with the tenant suite controls. As part of this upgrade, over-pressurization in ductwork was corrected and simultaneous heating and cooling reduced. Remote access to the air handlers was established, and tenant comfort inside the suites was improved.

Tenant Savings

After netting out the cost of the monitoring service, total occupancy costs were reduced by $21,230 per year.


After netting out Carbon Lighthouse's service fee, the site is now receiving $20,000 per year in rent from Carbon Lighthouse.

The Result